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Hey Kitty Kat! Welcome to Devil Cake

My name is Samantha and I'm the owner and designer behind this little kitten of a brand.


Everything about my creations has been inspired by the women and experiences I've had on the road since I left my little British village in the countryside 10 years ago.

I fell in love countless times... with the free spirit and playful nature of the psychedelic music culture of Australia and Europe; the seduction and talent of fire and circus performers; the peace found in exploring nature; the truth found on my yoga mat alongside inspirational teachers; the silence during meditation; the adrenaline hit of riding a bike through the Himalayas; the supportive and aspirational group of sisters I met on my journey; the many beautiful strangers and one that changed my life forever; the six infectious kittens I got cozy with during one monsoon; and the creativity and empowerment that has been borne out of experiencing life in so many shades.

Apparel has always been a love of mine growing up with a seamstress mother, and it has always been an outlet of expression. So when things unexpectedly aligned in North Goa in 2021 during the lockdown, I decided it was time to make my mark.

Devil Cake strives to combine luxurious feel with ethical clothing, created to empower the wild women, to awaken the take-life-by-the-yoni warrior goddess within all of us. From its logo to every design being named after a breed of kitten, Devil Cake has been made for and inspired by YOU <3 

The brand prides itself on ethical values to ensure all items are made to measure and feel amazing to wear.  

From the sourcing of natural fabrics and minimising waste to ensuring all workers have equal opportunity and comfortable living. This is paramount for me and it's all possible thanks to the amazing team at the Butcher Apparel workshop in Goa, India.


I love being in service of women, empowering them through my designs and connecting with them on this creative journey. You all inspire me endlessly with your beauty, your power and your compassion.

So step inside the Devil Cake closet curious kittens, and see what your claws want to sink into!

And if you have any questions, feedback or just want to say hi, I would love to hear from you!

Samantha x

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